Machine Learning Training in Hyderabad

  • 44.1% is the expected rise in the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAG) of Machine Learning by the end of 2022.

  • The market value of Machine Learning is expected to rise to a whopping USD 8.81 Billion within the coming two years.

  • 60% rise is expected in the global demand for the Machine Learning professionals by the end of 2020

  • Business & Marketing, Financial Services, Healthcare & Industrial sectors extensively demand the need for Machine Learning professionals.

  • $93K is the expected average salary of a skilled Machine Learning professional which is by far better than the pay scale of any experienced IT professional.


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Program Highlights

  • 6 Months Classroom Training

  • 6 Faculties from IIM and IIT

  • Free Workshop Session

  • 225+ Hours Classroom Training

  • Both Weekday & Weekend Classes As Per Your Convinence

  • Hands-On Training On Live Machine Learning Projects and Certification

Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad:

Work towards building a strong knowledge based career foundation in the leading analytics platform of Machine Learning by availing our Analytics Path top-notch Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad. Our experts trainers will be working towards transforming our students into complete career ready professionals. By the time of course completion, our students will become well capable to handling all the real-world complex challenges of the Machine Learning domain. Students will be gaining expertise towards working on the advanced concepts like Support Vector Machines, Naive Bayes Classification, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree Algorithms, K-Means Clustering and more.

Machine Learning is the most challenging & innovative platform in the present days analytics domain. Plan towards achieving success in securing a career this advanced domain by availing our Analytics Path complete industry concentric training program of Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad.

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What Exactly Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning can simply be interpreted as the high-level application platform which extensively being used for the purpose of data analysis. In general, the functioning aspects of Machine Learning will be similar to that of data mining and other data interpreted concepts. But on the other side of the coin Machine Learning’s main motive is to automate the decision models. Machine Learning applications help the machines or computers to gather the hidden insights. Machine Learning also makes an extensive use of other advanced techniques like Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a better analysis of data to arrive at accurate conclusions.

“Machine Learning Has Now Emerged As The New Revolutionary Force Delivering Exceedingly Higher Organizational Benefits”

The high-end benefits of Machine Learning are

  • Rapid analysis prediction & fast processing

  • Greatly improves the precision of financial roles and models

  • Easy spam detection

  • Helps in estimating customers behavior

  • Greatly diminishes the time needed for data entry

  • Helps the manufacturing industry by increasing the efficiency of productivity levels.
Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad

Machine Learning Course Objectives:

Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad from our “Analytics Path” training institute will be covering all the advanced concepts with hands-on experience in working on the real-time practical concepts. The main objectives of our institutes Machine Learning training program are

  • To help the students master all the advanced algorithms, applications and principal elements of Machine Learning.

  • Build knowledge in-relation to mathematics, single value decomposition, and heuristic aspects in order to easily master different Machine Learning models.

  • To deliver knowledge in the concepts of Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Network algorithms, Principle Component Analysis & clustering algorithms.

  • To help the students avail complete end-on-end knowledge in relation to complete theoretical & practical concepts.

  • To help the students build knowledge in all the Machine Learning real-time projects and case studies.

“We Help You Empower Complete Machine Learning Career Skills For Experiencing A Much Better Career Opportunities”

Skills Acquired Through Machine Learning Training:

By enrolling in our “Analytics Path”institutes Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad there will be greater scope to succeed in your professional career. We help the students grab hold of complete advanced skill sets in Machine Learning & thus mould them to become the best fit professionals capable enough to handle all the industrial challenges.

  • Will acquire skills in handling supervised & unsupervised models of Machine Learning.

  • Skills in understanding the classification of different data models.

  • Knowledge in working with creating robust Machine Learning Models.

  • Will gain complete knowledge in-relation to different regression models.

  • Will acquire a complete set of skills for performing linear and logistic regression.

  • Get immense knowledge in working with different algorithms of Machine Learning.

Advanced Algorithms Covered In Machine Learning Training

Machine Learning algorithms are having a crucial role to play in several applications from accurate data analysis to automation of resources. With the application Machine Learning algorithms like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, K-Means & others the complex challenging tasks like automation of resources can be simplified top a great extent.

The complex algorithms that will be covered in this advanced Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad program are

  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Tree
  • SVM
  • Naive Bayes
  • kNN
  • Random Forest and more
  • K-Means

This Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad lets you master knowledge of all the advanced tools & algorithms through hands-on training.

Intended Audience For Machine Learning Training:

Machine Learning Certification Training In Hyderabad from our training institute will be the best for all the career aspiring individuals and as well as for the working professionals.

  • IT Professionals who are interested in taking the Machine Learning career.
  • Analytics Experts
  • Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • Network Admins
  • Data Science Career Desired Professionals
  • Degree Holders & Job Seekers

Prerequisites For Machine Learning Training?

Our “Analytics Path” Machine Learning Training Institute In Hyderabad is made open to all those aspirants who are desired at making a career in Machine Learning. Getting into the course doesn’t require any special skills or any additional degree.

  • Sound knowledge of basic Linear Algebra
  • Programming experience will surely help in understanding the subject.
  • Knowledge of statistics and probability models.

Make the most out of the brilliant career opportunities in the analytics career profession by simply acquiring knowledge in Machine Learning with the help of our “Analytics Path” which provides the Best Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad.

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Our Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad program has 7 different trainers who are from IIT & IIM background. They are having 10+ years worth industry relevant experience.
Yes we do provide assistance in placements. We are having tie-ups with a number of organizations & we do assist our students with resume preparation & as well as interview preparation & scheduling.
Yes, as a part of the Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad students will get to work on 5 different capstone projects by which you can build your project portfolio.
Yes, we schedule Free interactive sessions before the beginning of the new batch so that students will get to build a clear knowledge about the flow of our Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad program. Also, students can get to interact with the trainers & get all their doubts clarified.