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Machine Learning Training in Hyderabad

The Right Skills & Certification In Machine Learning Would Reward You In Numerous Ways Like:

  • 44.1% is the expected rise in the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAG) of Machine Learning by the end of 2022.
  • The market value of Machine Learning is expected to rise to a whopping USD 8.81 Billion within the coming two years.
  • 60% rise is expected in the global demand for the Machine Learning professionals by the end of 2022
  • Business & Marketing, Financial Services, Healthcare & Industrial sectors extensively demand the need for Machine Learning professionals.
  • $93K is the expected average salary of a skilled Machine Learning professional which is by far better than the pay scale of any experienced IT professional.


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Program Highlights

  • 5 Months Classroom Training
  • 7 Faculties from IIM and IIT
  • Free Workshop Session
  • 225+ Hours Classroom Training
  • Both Weekday & Weekend Classes As Per Your Convinence
  • Hands-On Training On Live Data Science Projects and Certification
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Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad:

Work towards building a strong knowledge based career foundation in the leading analytics platform of Machine Learning by availing our Analytics Path top-notch Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad. Our experts trainers will be working towards transforming our students into complete career ready professionals. By the time of our Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad course completion, our students will become well very well capable to handling all the real-world complex challenges of this domain. As a part of this Machine Learning training, students will be gaining expertise in working on concepts like Support Vector Machines, Naive Bayes Classification, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree Algorithms, K-Means Clustering and more.

Machine Learning is the most challenging & innovative platform in the present days analytics domain. Plan towards achieving success in career as a Machine Learning expert by availing our Analytics Path complete industry concentric program of Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad.

What Exactly Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning can simply be interpreted as the high-level application platform which extensively being used for the purpose of data analysis. In general, the functioning aspects of Machine Learning will be similar to that of data mining and other data interpreted concepts. But on the other side of the coin Machine Learning’s main motive is to automate the decision models. Machine Learning applications help the machines or computers to gather the hidden insights. Gain expertise in handling all the core Machine Learning algorithms & tools by being a part of our Analytics Path Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad.

Machine Learning also makes an extensive use of other advanced techniques like Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a better analysis of data to arrive at accurate conclusions. Participants of our advanced Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad will be able to gain expertise in all these technologies.

“Machine Learning Is The New Revolutionary Force That Delivers Exceedingly High Organizational Benefits”

Benefits Of Machine Learning Technology:

There are numerous ways in which a business can be benefited from Machine Learning. This fact has led to the rise in demand for professionals certified in Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad. With the implementation of Machine Learning techniques, companies can achieve benefits like

  • Rapid analysis prediction & fast processing
  • Simplifies Product Marketing and Assists in Accurate Sales Forecasts
  • Greatly improves the precision of financial roles and models
  • Easy spam detection
  • Helps in estimating customers behavior
  • Greatly diminishes the time needed for data entry
  • Helps the manufacturing industry by increasing the efficiency of productivity levels

These aspects have made Machine Learning to emerge out as a top value-producing digital innovation trend. Apart from these benefits businesses are now able to discover new trends and patterns from large and diverse data sets effortlessly through Machine Learning. Leverage real-world skills & knowledge of Machine Learning industry applications and business strategies by being a part of our Analytics Path advanced Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad.

Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad

Machine Learning Training Course Objectives:

The course curriculum in Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad from our “Analytics Path” covers all the core concepts right from the very beginning. Our Machine Learning training coursed curriculum is specially designed by the industry experts to compliment the present industry requirements.

As a part of our Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad, participants will be learning the concepts through hands-on practice on industry projects and live case studies. The major objectives of this Machine Learning training program are

Skills Acquired Through Machine Learning Training:

By enrolling in our “Analytics Path” institutes Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad you can become all-round professional in ML by the time of our course completion. In this Machine Learning course, students can grab hold of real-world skills in tools & algorithms so as to handle all the complex Machine Learning industrial challenges.

Skill sets which students can acquire from this advanced Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad program are

Our expert trainers in this Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad program will leave no stone unturned in helping the students to master the skills in Machine Learning technology.

“Learn The Top Machine Learning Skills & Attributes That Gets You Hired”

Advanced Algorithms Covered In Machine Learning Training

Machine Learning algorithms are having a crucial role to play in several applications from accurate data analysis to automation of resources. With the application of algorithms like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, K-Means it becomes possible to handle several complex tasks like automation of resources & such. As a part of our Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad students will learn each and every algorithm through practical hands-on learning approach.

The complex algorithms that will be covered in this advanced Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad program are

Analytics Path Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad is surely a great program that will let you master knowledge of all the advanced tools & algorithms through hands-on practice.

Intended Audience For Machine Learning Training:

Our advanced job-centered program of Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad is the ideal choice for all the analytics career enthusiasts. This Machine Learning course is also the best fit for both fresher and as well as for the working professionals who are planning towards career shift from their existing technology to Machine Learning. As the participants will be trained in the concepts right from the beginning making this as the ideal analytics career program of Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad.

The major set of intended audience who can benefit a lot from our Machine Learning training program are

Join our Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad program today & get on to the right career path which can lead you to achieve success in career.

Prerequisites For Machine Learning Training?

Our “Analytics Path” Machine Learning Training Institute In Hyderabad is made open to all those aspirants who are desired at making a career in Machine Learning. Getting into this Machine Learning course doesn’t require any special skills or any additional degree. However, to have a better understanding of the Machine Learning course, having prior knowledge of these below concepts is very crucial

If you are new to these aspects then we have got you covered. In this Machine Learning Course in Hyderabad, you will be trained in the concepts right from the scratch to advanced concepts. Make the most out of the rise career opportunities in this leading analytics domain by simply being a part of our Analytics Path expert trainers driven Best Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad.

“Enroll Now To Avail Our Analytics Path Free Machine Learning Workshop In Hyderabad”

About The Trainer In This Machine Learning Training Program

Our Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad program has 7 different trainers who are from IIT & IIM background. They are having 10+ years worth relevant industry working experience. Our trainers are very keen towards transforming their students into becoming complete career ready experts in Machine Learning.

Projects Covered In This Machine Learning Training:

As a part of our Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad program students will be working on 3 capstone projects & as well as 10+ projects on AI/ML. This Machine Learning course will help the students to gain real-world expertise in handling the ML tools & algorithms. By the time of our Machine Learning training course certification completion, students will become full-pledged Machine Learning experts.

Our Placement Approach:

Being a pioneer in the field of delivering industry relevant Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad, Analytics Path has successfully made tie-ups with many reputed companies and leading start-ups. We would be recommending the profiles of the students who have successfully completed our Machine Learning training certification program to these companies for interview.

As a part of Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad interview preparation process, students will be attending multiple mock interview sessions. Their performance will be closely monitored by our trainers & mentors who will be giving them valuable suggestions to help them boost their performance. Also, we assist our students in resume preparation and interview scheduling. With this coordinated effort we work towards getting our students successfully placed.

“Join Our Machine Learning Training Program…Learn The Skills That Gets You Hired”


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