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Key Highlights of Our Training Program:

 6 experts faculty team from IIT & IIM alumina

 100% guaranteed placement assistance

 Curriculum with wide coverage & assignments

 Get recognized by top hiring companies

 Excellent lab facility with 24*7 expert support

 Free workshop sessions on demand

 Flexible weekday and weekend class timings

 Affordable course fee

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Data Scientist Learning Path

Course Curriculum

Python for AI ML

Python for AI & MLBusiness StatisticsData Visualization (EDA)

Machine Learning

Regression & ClassificationTraining, Validation & TestingMeasures of Model Performance
Supervised Learning
Linear RegressionLogistic RegressionK-NN ClassificationNaïve Bayes ClassifiersSupport Vector Machines
Unsupervised Learning
K-Means ClusteringHierarchical ClusteringCluster ProfilingDimensionality Reduction – PCA
Ensemble Technique
Decision TreesBaggingRandom Forest
Model selection & Tuning
Feature EngineeringModel Development & ImprovementModel Validation & DiagnosticsGrid SearchCross Validation
Recommender Systems
Content based Recommender SystemsCollaborative Filtering (User & Item based)
Time Series Forecasting
Content based Recommender Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Text MiningDeep LearningANNCNN (Computer Vision) RNN/LSTM

Big Data Analytics

HadoopHive, Hbase, SqoopSpark Sql, Spark MllibMachine Learning with Spark

Languages & Tools Covered:


Our students come from wide spectrum of backgrounds ranging from undergraduates from engineering colleges to experienced software professionals at Google/Microsoft/Amazon.

This course follows a meticulously planned course coverage which also includes basic concepts of Statistics, R Programming, & Python. Being a complete fresher, this course helped me a lot in becoming a Data Scientist.
--------- Rahul

The faculty in this Data Science course is highly experienced and has discussed a lot of real-time concepts. The course content here is very much up-to-date covering all the advanced concepts and use cases of AI and ML.
----------- Tripathi

Advanced topics like AI, ML and Deep Learning have been very well explained with industry case studies. Another point worth mentioning is that by the time of course completion, we were assisted in resume preparation.
------------ Vijay

Our Students have been Hired by

Course Overview

Master Data Science in Just 5 Months without Quitting Your Existing Job!!

Advanced Data Science Training in Hyderabad program offered Analytics Path is the perfect roadmap to a successful career in Data Science. Our hands-on Data Science course program is headed by faculty from IIT & IIM alumina. This course helps you to fast-track your Data Science career without the need to quit your existing job. Following a meticulously crafted curriculum with wide course coverage, this course helps you build skills in topics right from the basics of Statistics and Data Modeling to advanced tools and techniques like R, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, NLP, Neural Networks, Image Recognition, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Apache Hadoop and Spark, etc.

  Master Full Spectrum of Skills to Confidently Join Data Science Teams

Future-proof your career in analytics with our comprehensive learning program of Data Science Course in Hyderabad. Over the past five years, we have successfully trained 1500+ learners who are now working in the top MNC Companies & leading Start-ups. Join us and become a certified Data Scientist and get recognized by the top Data Science hiring companies.

This course gives our students an edge over thousands of candidates looking for Data Science jobs!!

Data Science Course Program Overview:

Analytics Path offers comprehensive training program on Data Science in association with industry practitioners from IIT & IIM alumina. This course follows a curriculum which is specially crafted by the industry experts and it perfectly aligns with the requirements of the 21st century analytics industry workspace. This Data Science Training in Hyderabad program lets students master both technical and non-technical skills by making them work on 3+ Capstone Projects and 18+ Real-Time Projects which they can highlight in their resume.

Master Data Science: Foundation Skills >> Advanced Analytics >> Applying ML Models

This Data Science Course in Hyderabad program is headed by the elite trainers who are industry practitioners and are having a wealth of real-time industry experience. We have 6 different trainers who are specialized in individual concepts of Data Science and are fully committed to shaping their students become certified Data Scientists.  By the end of this course, students would have developed applied conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills that would get them hired instantly.

Be a part of India’s leading Data Science Training program by industry practitioners from IIT & IIM alumina

What Exactly Do You Mean By Data Science?

Data Science is an advanced concept in computer science that deals with data management and analysis. Data Science makes use of the best set of tools, processes, techniques, and algorithms to analyze large sets of structured and unstructured formats of Big Data. Today, we can find the applications of Data Science in the industries across the verticals like but not limited to IT, Software, Industrial, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare and more. Being a multidisciplinary in nature, this field makes use of various disciplines like Statistics, Programming, Data Analysis, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & several other technologies to make accurate interpretations out of Big Data. Most of the enterprises rely on Data Science to make strategically accurate business decisions.

To excel in a career as a Data Scientist, one needs to develop interdisciplinary skills.  This Data Science Training in Hyderabad program equips students with full spectrum of data analytical skills right from the very basics of programming and mathematical concepts to advanced level Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning topics. This course gets you on the right career path to become a certified Data Science expert.

You can Benefit from this Course if

1. Who Exactly Is A Data Scientist?

A Data Scientist is a professional who has done his specialization in Data Science. With knowledge of advanced data modeling tools, algorithms & techniques, Data Scientists are very much capable of playing with Big Data at the tip of their fingers. These professionals have the zeal to explore Big Data & are capable of converting encrypted information in Big Data into actionable insights. To become a Data Scientist, you need to have strong foundation in Statistics, Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Computer Programming, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and Data Modeling to build winning algorithms. Joining this comprehensive learning program on Data Science, students will equip themselves with the leading data analytical skills that are help them to excel in their professional career. 

As a part of this Data Science Course in Hyderabad program, students will also get the opportunity to develop skills in the prominent data analytical tools like Python, R Studio, MapReduce, Apache Spark, and Tableau. This course program is the perfect platform to build a strong knowledge based career foundation and become a certified Data Scientist.

Overwhelming Demand for Data Scientists:

With data having become the new oil, Data Science has become the engine that drives business development. The use of data-driven analytics can be seen across the industry verticals like IT, Medicine, Retail, Banking, E-Commerce, Telecom, etc. In response to the overwhelming demand for the qualified Data Scientists, Analytics Path has started delivering pure industry concentric training from the hands of certified trainer. By the time of course completion we will be working towards making the students excel their knowledge in the concepts of Statistics, Hypothesis testing, Decision trees, R, Hadoop, Data Visualization & further advanced concepts.

2. Why Should You Learn Data Science Training In Hyderabad?

Students who will be a part of our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program, will be prepared to face the new world of rising career opportunities in this field. With data having become the new oil that fuels the business development process, Data Science has become the need of the hour. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day. As data is being generated at a rate that exceeds the expectations of everyone, managing & analyzing this large volumes of data wouldn’t be possible without the help of Data Science. For enterprises across different sectors, to benefit from their existing large reserves of data, they need the presence of skilled Data Science professionals in their workforce who are capable of handling all the Data Science industry challenges. Analytics Path training program will help you to get equipped with knowledge & expertise in all the essential skills that would help you to face the real-world analytics industry challenges.

However, currently there’s a serious shortage of skilled analytical professionals all over the world. This has now become the major concern for the enterprises around the world & so they are ready to offer exclusive high salaries for the best skilled professionals in this field. Successful completion of this certified Data Science training program will help students in getting transformed into complete industry-ready Data Science professionals. Post training completion, students can apply for job vacancies from top multinational companies.

Step into the World of Analytics with our Advanced Data Science Training in Hyderabad

This course helps in leveraging your end-on-end professional skills. We cover all the latest tools, techniques & algorithms that are associated with R, Python, AI, ML, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, NLP, Neural Networks, Image Recognition, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Apache Hadoop and Spark and many other concepts

Work towards securing a career as an expert Data Scientist with the help of industry concentric course by Analytics Path. Our experts trainers are from are from IIM and IIT. The expert training professionals here will be working towards making the students gain expertise in the applications of Machine Learning, Data Management, Statistics, Visualization & further advanced concepts as well. Analytics Path is a pioneer industry leader in the analytics training domain. Our expert trainers will be working towards transforming the students’ dream of securing your analytics career dream into a reality. Work towards gaining real-world insights in handling the analytics industry challenges & become industry ready professionals by availing our real-time training.

3. Why Should You Choose Analytics Path for Data Science Training in Hyderabad?

Analytics Path is one of India’s leading institutes offering training in the trending analytical technologies. We help students to master set of core technical and soft skills that gets them hired successfully. This Data Science Training in Hyderabad course is perfect blend of blend of theoretical and practical aspects, and helps students in mastering complete job-centric skills. As a part of this course, students will be working on 3+ Hands-on Capstone Projects & 18+ Real-Time Projects on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies which they can highlight in their resume. Upon successful completion of your training, we will be extending our 100% placement support to our students.

“Master Data Science with 3+ Hands-on Capstone Projects & 18+ Real-Time Projects”

In this course, we conduct multiple mock interview sessions. These sessions give you the opportunity to think through what questions you would be presented at the time of your interview rounds and how to articulate your thoughts. Students are also supported in resume preparation and interview scheduling.

4. What Skills will you be Developing from Analytics Path Data Science Training?

This course helps you in developing full-spectrum of skills in Data Science that would help you to confidently work as a certified Data Scientist. Read on to find out the major learning outcomes that you can expect from this course.

The learning outcomes of Data Science Training in Hyderabad by Analytics Path:

  • You develop hands-on skills in mining, cleaning, processing and interpreting data.
  • You develop a clear understanding of importance of data for businesses across the industry verticals
  • Our meticulously crafted curriculum focus on delivering advanced data analytical skill sets that are critical for solving real-world industry challenges
  • You develop skills to apply Machine Learning algorithms on real-world problems
  • You work on multiple projects that you can showcase in your resume

Learn Data Science from Expert Data Scientists

The training sessions in this course are headed by expert Data Scientists. We have 6 different trainers from IIT & IIM alumina who are specialists in the modules of this course. Having more than a decade of industry experience, our trainers will be an inspiration for the students who also wish to excel in their data analytical career. Our trainers will be sharing their knowledge and expertise in analytics to the next generation of budding Data Scientists. Our trainers will be explaining the topics by stating multiple real-world examples and this helps in better subject understanding. Trainers will also help students to gain knowledge of the latest trends, tools, and techniques that are associated in this field.

The prime focus of this course is to equip students with the best set of data analytical skill sets and prepare them to confidently join the Data Science teams. This course is also focused

  • To make the students avail knowledge of the concepts of Data Visualization & Data Exploration.
  • To deliver skills in the concepts of Machine Learning algorithms.
  • To make the students grasp the knowledge of concepts of R & Python.
5. Advanced Topics Covered in this Data Science Training in Hyderabad Program:

As a part of this course, students will be developing skills in dual programming languages (Python & R), Statistics, Linear Algebra, Computer Programming, Data Warehousing, Mining, Exploration, Modeling to build winning algorithms & Visualization. This course also equips students with skills in the core technical areas like Business Analytics, Hypothesis Testing, Predictive Analytics, Forecasting, Text Mining, Hadoop and Apache Spark, Big Data Analytics and also Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies.

Students will be learning the topics by doing practical and will be supported by our experts for doubt clarification. The trainers here will be working with full-fledged commitment towards shaping their students into becoming job-ready specialists. Our trainers bestow their many years of worth industry experience upon students & act as their role models.

6. Course Objectives of Data Science Training Program:

This certified Data Science Training in Hyderabad program from our institute will be helping the students towards mastering knowledge of all the advanced applications of Data Science domain. This course will be covering all the core concepts and the course curriculum has been specially designed to complement the present industry requirements.

The major set of learning modules which are included in this advanced Data Science course program are

  • Basics of Python, R programming & Statistics 
  • Concepts involving Supervised & Unsupervised Machine Learning models
  • Concepts involving Data Collection & Data Mining, Modeling & Visualization
  • Concepts of Decision Trees, Time Series Analysis
  • Concepts involving Business Intelligence & Predictive Analysis
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning concepts
  • 3+ Capstone projects on & 18+ real-time projects
7. Benefits of Data Science Course in Hyderabad Program:

The prime focus of our Data Course in Hyderabad program is set towards transforming the students into becoming career-ready Data Scientists professionals. The major benefits of this course are

  • We empower students to be capable of handling the roles & responsibilities of Data Scientists
  • We make the students grasp the knowledge of concepts of R & Python.
  • We make the stay relevant with the latest data analysis techniques
  • Gain knowledge of advanced tools for Data Mining, Storing & Modeling
  • We help you build skills in Data visualization & exploration.
  • We make the students build expertise in handling Machine Learning algorithms

We are committed to excellence in delivering the best industry-relevant Data Science Training n Hyderabad program to our students. 

8. Who Can Benefit From Data Science Training in Hyderabad Program?

Analytics Path course program is the ideal platform to leverage real-world skills & to build a successful career as a Data Scientist. Our training sessions are organized as per student’s convenience either weekday & weekend sessions. This program will prepare the students to face the real-world Data Science industry challenges by helping them develop skills in Business Understanding, Importing, Cleaning & Manipulation, Statistical Modeling & Machine Learning, Reporting, Visualization & many other concepts by making them work on projects in real-time.

Also, as a part of our program, we will be assisting the students in placements, interview and CV readiness assistance. In this course, we will be conducting multiple mock interview sessions & students will be mentored based on their performance in these tests. As a part of this program, post training completion, we will be extending our 100% support to help the students in getting hired.

9. Learning Modules of Data Science Training in Hyderabad:

Our students will become very much proficient to work on different concepts like Data Analysis, Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Modelling, Decision Trees, Hypothesis Testing, Clustering Techniques, Deploying R, Hadoop, Statistical Computing and more. This Data Science training program ensures that post training certification completion, students would get shaped into becoming industry-ready Data Scientists.

This program equips students with requisite skills to get transformed into fully competent job-ready professionals who can handle all the challenges in Data Science practice. This course follows a specially crafted curriculum which includes all the recent Data Science industry advancements.

The major set of learning modules which are included in this course are

  • To impart knowledge in Data Analytics with R and Machine Learning.
  • To build knowledge of the concepts of Data Collection & Data Mining.
  • To leverage knowledge in working with Decision Trees.
  • To gain in-depth knowledge of the concepts of Loop Functions & Debugging Tools.
  • To leverage knowledge in the concepts of Data Visualization with Tableau software.
  • Hands on knowledge in relation to real-time projects & case studies.
10. Prerequisites to Join this Course:

There are no major pre-requisites required to join our course. However, having prior knowledge of the below concepts will be of great help for better understanding the concepts explained in the course

  • Sound knowledge of computer literacy
  • Anyone with knowledge in the scientific discipline.

Being the Best Data Analyst Course in Hyderabad program, students will be acquiring an unmatched learning experience and will also be getting the best career guidance and mentorship from these experts. Backed by a team of expert trainers and the unparallel learning experience that students can avail at Analytics Path make it the Best Data Analyst Training Institute in Hyderabad. This course is the perfect opportunity to steer your career to success in the field of analytics.

11. Intended Audience For Data Science Course:

Joining this course program would be benefits the set of audiences who are curious about steeping into the field of data analytics. As students will be leveraging skills in the Data Science topics right from the very basics, so even if you are from a non programming background you can benefit from this course. Working professionals who belong to diverse job roles like Hadoop, Python Programmers, Spark Professionals, Business Analysts, Software Testers, Marketing Professionals, etc can take their career graph to the next level by up-skilling in Data Science. 

This course by Analytics Path training institute will also be the best fit for all the analytics career enthusiasts & working professionals who are intended to reach further highest in their career by switching into a career in Data Science. Major set of targeted audiences for this course are

  • Managers
  • Data Administrators
  • Business analysts
  • Network Admins
  • Programming Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • End users
  • Freshers/Graduates
12. Data Science Industry Trends in India & Worldwide:

The current analytics industry demand for skilled Data Scientists has out spaced the demand for other IT professionals. As per the stats, the Data Science job market in India is expected to rise by 30% by 2021. This field is having endless career opportunities for both fresher & experienced professionals. The integration of technologies like Cloud and IoT into Data Science has increased its demand further. The right training & guidance can help you prepare your career for the rising new world of career opportunities in this industry. This Data Science Course in Hyderabad program is an apt choice to kick-start your data analytical career.

If you are a fresher in analytics, upon successful completion of this course, you can expect salaries between 5-6 lakhs. With 3-5 years of experience, you can expect salaries as high as 10-12 lakhs per annum in India. Companies like IBM, Accenture, Amex, Wipro, and Microsoft are offering annual packages of above 20 lakhs for the best-skilled experts in this field. So, step up for the rising career opportunities in the analytics industry by mastering the cognitive skills with our advanced training program and become a certified Data Scientist.

13. What Makes Data Science an Ideal Career Option?

Data Science is undoubtedly one of the faster growing technologies in demand. Today, the applications of Data Science can be seen in the industries across the verticals, and every company is in need of skilled Data Science experts who can support them in making revolutionary leaps forward. Amid the growing demand for Data Science, this field has become a lucrative career option for people from all walks of life. The prominent job-roles like Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Machine Learning Engineers are regarded as the hottest job-roles in-demand. With sufficient skills and expertise, one can expect salary package as high as $113,309 per anum.

Opting for a career in Data Science would undoubtedly be a smart career choice especially in India. Fulfil your dream of becoming an expert Data Scientist by being a part of our comprehensive learning program Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

14. Data Science Course for the High Paying Data Science Job Roles

Being an interdisciplinary field, Data Science has Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Big Data Analysts, Machine Learning Engineers, and AI Specialists are among the high-paying job roles involving this field. This course is specially designed by the experts to help students excel in their career in analytics and any of these prominent job roles. By making the students work on multiple real-time projects, assignments, and case studies, we give them exposure to industry based working conditions. So, having the Best analytics Training in Hyderabad program, Analytics Path has become the choice for preference for budding Data Scientists.

The core technical and non-technical skills that you will be developing from this Data Science Training in Hyderabad program will prepare you for the high-salaried Data Science job roles. By making you a competent and certified Data Scientist, this course maximizes your chances of getting hired in this field.

15. Best Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad for Placement:

Analytics Path is best known for the 100% placement support. Over the years, we have successfully made tie-ups with the leading multinational companies and start-ups that recruit data analytical talent at large. We have set many benchmark results in placements. Post our course completion, we ensure that students get successfully hired in their desired job roles and ensure that they get equipped with the skills needed to excel in their professional career.

We do prepare our students to confidently handle the Data Science interviews by conducting multiple mock interview sessions. We will be assessing the skill sets of every student based on the performance the mock interviews and deliver constructive feedback for improvement. We also recommend our students profiles to the top Data Science hiring companies that we have tie-ups. We extend our 100% placement support to see that every student gets placed successfully by the time of his/her course completion. Our excellent track record in getting our students hired is what that makes us the best institute for Data Science Training in Hyderabad for Placements.

16. Mode of Training Delivery:

The course is a 225+ hours of live instructor based classroom session. This is a live hands-on training sessions in which students will be working on Live Capstone Projects and case studies.

We will be conducting both Regular Weekday and Weekend training sessions and you can choose whichever session based on your convenience. The course timings in this training program are also very flexible for both fresher and working professionals.

“Interested Aspirants can attend our Free Workshop Session on Data Science Course”


1. Who Will Be My Instructor?

We have 6 different trainers. All these trainers are having 10+ years worth industry experience & are mostly from IIT & IIM background. Our instructors are well passionate about their profession.

2. What Is The Duration Of The Course?

This is a 5 months integrated training program. Advanced modules like AI, ML Deep Learning & TensorFlow will also be covered in the program.

3. What about The Certification Upon The Course Competition?

Yes, students who have successfully completed our course will be award a course completion certification which will be adding a value to their career profile.

4. Will I Be Able To Acquire Real-Time Experience With this Course?

Yes, our training in Data Science Course in Hyderabad compliments with real-time industry training. Students will get to master knowledge of the concepts right from the scratch to the core in both theoretical & practical aspects. By the time of course completion students will get transformed into industry ready professionals.

5. Do You Provide Any Placement Assistance in This Data Science Course?

Yes, as a part of our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program, we do provide 100% placement assistance for our students. We are having tie-ups with top companies & will be recommending the profiles of our students & get the interviews scheduled. This Data Science course program is a brilliant opportunity to leverage real-world skills & to get successfully hired by the time of course completion.

6. Will I Get To Work On Practical In this Data Scientist Course?

Yes, as a part of our Data Science Course Training in Hyderabad program, we will make the students work on three capstone projects involving & 10+ projects on AI/ML. This Data Science course is the perfect opportunity to grasp first-hand real-world skills in all the advanced topics involving Data Science.

7. Do You Conduct Mock Interview Sessions in this Course?

We conduct multiple mock interview sessions & based on the students’ performance appropriate guidance will be given to them. These sessions will help you to familiarize yourself with commonly asked questions that will help you crack the technical interviews and improve your chances of getting hired.

8. I'm A Complete Fresher with No Prior Experience in Data Science. Can I Join This Course?

Yes, you can join this course. This integrated Data Science Course in Hyderabad program is intended for both beginners & working professionals who are interested in transitioning their career into the analytics industry.

9. How Much Salary Can I Expect As A Data Scientist?

The average salary for a Data Scientist in India is Rs.6,20,244 per annum. As the demand for the Data Scientists is at an all-time high, our Data Science course In Hyderabad program is the perfect platform for making the most out of the rising new world of career opportunities in analytics field.

10. How to Build A Successful Career In Data Science?

You can launch a successful career in analytics by successfully completing our Analytics Path advanced Data Science course program. Post your certification completion, you would have all the major skill sets that are crucial for a data analytical job role.

11. What Is the Format Of Analytics Path Training Program?

Yes, being a fresher you can join this Data Science Course in Hyderabad program. We will train you right from the very basics. This program is apt for both fresher & working professionals with no or limited experience in the field of analytics.

12. I’m Complete Fresher in Analytics. Can I Join This Training?

Yes, being a fresher you can join this Data Science Course in Hyderabad program. We will train you right from the very basics. This program is apt for both fresher & working professionals with no or limited experience in the field of analytics.

13. What Support Can I Expect From The Placement Assistance Team?

Our Placement Support Team will extend 100% support to help the students in getting placed. They will assist you in the following ways. 1. Job Connect 2. Resume Preparation 3. Mock Interview Sessions & Expert Guidance 4. Interview Questions.

14. What Are The Unique Features Data Science Training Program?

This Data Science course program is perfectly aligned with the present industry requirements. We will be updating the curriculum from time to time & new topics will be introduced. So, students will stay relevant with the latest techniques and tools that are currently in use in this industry.

15. Will There Be Any Support Sessions To Help Students In Subject Understanding?

Yes, we do conduct support sessions on major topics without disturbing the ongoing classes. Students can request the faculty for support session whenever required.

16. What Are The Takeaways Of this Course?

Post your course completion; you would get transformed into a full-fledged job-ready Data Scientist expert. You would have gained exceptional skills in all the latest tools & techniques in this field & would be capable of handling the real-world analytics industry challenges.

17. Does this Course Covers Advanced AI & ML Concepts?

Yes, as a part of this course program, we will be covering the advanced topics related to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning & Deep Learning & TesnsorFlow technologies.

18. How Many Projects Will I Be Getting To Work In This Data Science Course?

As a part of our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program, students will be working on 5 Capstone projects & 10+ projects of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies.

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