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Data Science Training In Hyderabad:

‘Analytics Path’ offers integrated program on Data Science Training In Hyderabad in collaboration with real-time industry experts in Data Science. This program enables the participants to leverage real-time knowledge of tools and techniques used for handling, managing, analyzing and interpreting data. The curriculum in our Data Science Training In Hyderabad has been designed by the analytics industry leaders to ensure that participants will learn the skills which the Data Science industry requires.

In this Data Science training program, students will master knowledge of skills and tools required for success – from fundamentals like statistics and data modeling to advanced tools and technologies like R, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Deep Learning and TensorFlow, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Image Recognition, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Apache Hadoop and Spark and many more. Also, participants of our Data Science training will work on 3 capstone projects along with 10+ projects on AI/ML. With a team of certified trainers from IIT and IIM background and mentors, we are the number one institute which is best trusted for success in Data Science Training In Hyderabad. Over a span of 4 years, we have trained over 1600+ participants by successfully delivering over 6500+ hours of classroom based training in Data Science Course In Hyderabad.

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Key Highlights

Of Our Data Science Training Program

The major endeavor of our Data Science training is to deliver our students with intensive, application-driven and hands-on training across leading analytics technologies of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Through our Data Science Training In Hyderabad, we shape our students towards becoming complete industry ready experts in Data Science by the time of their course completion.

Our Program Highlights:
Comprehensive Coverage

This 225+ hours of live instructor based Data Science training program. Students will attain complete hands-on training exposure on every algorithm present in the course. In this Data Science Training In Hyderabad, students can master skills from basic i.e. Machine Learning to advanced AI (Deep Learning, NLP). Advanced AI concepts like building chatbots/image recognition/image segmentation/ and computer vision are also covered in the curriculum.

Detailed Project Based Learning

This Data Science training program includes 3 capstone industry projects delivered by the mentors to develop the acumen to solve real-life business problems. Also, 10+ AI/ML project datasets from various industries/domains to make you industry ready.

Course Curriculum By Experts

Our Data Science training has a comprehensive and extensive curriculum designed for the industry by the industry experts. We give equal prominence to theory and practice. Our Data Science course completion rate is 90%.

Industry Ready Training

Our expert trainers will deliver the best career guidance and will be assisting the students towards resume preparation and interview scheduling and mock interviews. Students can get dedicated learning support from our in-house technical staff.

Reputation For Quality, Professionalism and Excellence

We are quite genuine in working towards fulfilling the commitments that we have promised to our students before the beginning of the course. Analytics Path Data Science training is reputed for our quality, professionalism and excellence.

Introduction To Our Data Science Training in Hyderabad:

With the rise in the prominence for analytics technologies, Data Science has now become the latest buzzword across IT, Corporate, Business and sectors. The insights extracted from the data with the application of Data Science analytics models can help the businesses make many revolutionary leaps ahead. This has encouraged the companies to invest a lot of money on Data Science for managing and analyzing their data. Now is the right time to rise to prominence in career as a Data Scientist with the best Data Science Training In Hyderabad certification program.

“Analytics Path” brings you the best integrated and hands-on learning program of Data Science from the hands of qualified ‘trainers from IIT and IIM’ background. Our Data Science Training In Hyderabad will enable the students to leverage real-world knowledge of various data analytics techniques involving Python, R, SAS and Tableau right from the scratch to the core. This Data Science course curriculum is specially designed by the experts to compliment the present industry requirements for both beginner and advanced level. As a part of the Data Science Training In Hyderabad curriculum students will get to learn advanced concepts like Chatbots, Image Recognition, Text Mining Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics and many more.

“Learn The Top Data Science Skills and Attributes…That Gets You Hired As A Data Scientist”
Rise In Demand For Data Scientists and The Data Science Job Market

Every organization however big or small it may be, in order to stay competitive it has to make use of Big Data. Data Science has the best set of tools and algorithms that can extract and accurately analyze the data. As the demand for Data Science is rising beyond any leaps but in contrast there is a huge shortage of skilled Data Scientists.

The term shortage of skills in employment outlook relates to abundant opportunities for the professionals with the right skills and technical abilities. A certification in Data Science Training In Hyderabad will make you eligible for the high paying job roles in Data Science.

  • Over 1, 20,000 job openings for positions related to Analytics and Data Science are present in India alone.
  • Currently India contributes around 8% of job openings in Data Science compared to the worldwide market share. This is expected to double by the end of 2022
  • According to Glassdoor, the annual median salary for a Data Scientist is $121,353
  • Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, Warehousing, Communication, Science, Health Care, Computer Science, Information Technology, Retail, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Insurance, Education, Government, Security, Law Enforcement and several other sectors are in dire need of skilled experts in Data Science

Successful completion of course certification in Data Science Training In Hyderabad will make you eligible to get hired by top companies like

  • Product Based MNCs- Microsoft, VMware, IBM and others
  • Service Based Analytics Company- TCS, Mu-Sigma, Vizury, Fractal Analytics, Impetus, and others
  • Startups-Ola cabs, Uber, Housing and others
  • Ecommerce-Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon and others
About Our Data Science Training In Hyderabad Program Trainers

Our Data Science Training In Hyderabad program comprises of ‘7 different trainers’ who are carefully handpicked from the analytics industry. They are all real-time experts with many years worth experience in working in Data Science, AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning industries. Also, most of our Data Science trainers are from IIT and IIM educational background.

In order to be a successful Data Scientist you need to have extensive hands-on knowledge of most commonly used Data Science tools. As a part of our Data Science Training In Hyderabad we enable our students to leverage knowledge of various tools like R, Python, Spark, TensorFlow, Keras, Tableau, Hadoop and more. With knowledge of these tools in your inventory it will become easy for you to handle the complex challenges in the Data Science industry.

Apart from knowledge of these tools, students will also get to sharpen their skills in analytical thinking, statistics and analytical algorithms through the advanced curriculum in our Data Science Training In Hyderabad. This is the ideal Data Science training for all the analytics career enthusiasts

Our Placement Approach:

Being a pioneer in the field of delivering industry relevant Data Science Training In Hyderabad, we have successfully made tie-ups with many reputed companies and start-ups. By the time of course completion, we recommend our students profiles to these companies and prepare them for the interviews by conducting multiple mock interview sessions. Also, we assist our students in resume preparation and interview scheduling.

Our mentors would be constantly monitoring the performance of the students’ right from the beginning to the end of their Data Science Training In Hyderabad course certification. With this coordinated effort we work towards getting our students successfully placed.

Mode Of Training Delivery:

This 225+ hours of live instructor based classroom program of Data Science Training In Hyderabad that covers complete breath of the concepts in Data Science. We make use of advanced training amendments and the success strategies that help the students towards retaining maximum knowledge of the concepts that are explained in the training. Also, having the best learning infrastructure and advanced lab center we deliver our students with the best real-time based learning experience.

As per the students’ convenience, we conduct both Regular Weekday and Weekend training sessions in Data Science. Our Data Science Training In Hyderabad course timings and schedules are very much flexible for both job seekers and working professionals.

Who Should Take This Data Science Training In Hyderabad?

This Data Science Training In Hyderabad is best fit for those who are interested in taking up the job roles of Data Scientist, Machine Learning and AI experts. Also, Statisticians, Developers and other IT professionals who are aiming towards career shift into the leading analytics technologies can get benefited from our Data Science Course In Hyderabad.

Course Curriculum

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Big Data Analytics

The course curriculum in this Data Science Training In Hyderabad Program is specially designed by experts to complement the present industry requirements. Students will get to leverage knowledge of all the core applications of Data Science platform right from the scratch. This course also covers advanced AI concepts like Chatbots, image recognition & much more.

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Data Science life Cycle
    Business Statistics
  • Mastering R Programming
  • Introduction to R programming
    Exploratory data analysis
    Data pre-processing
  • Supervised Learning
  • Supervised Learning
    Linear regression
    Logistic regression
    Decision trees
    Naive Bayes
    Support Vector Machines
    Random Forest
    Gradient Boosting Machine
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Clustering
    Principal component analysis
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
    Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
    Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
    Long Short-Tem Memory Networks (LSTM)
    Deep Learning Frameworks: TensorFlow With Keras
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Recommender Systems
  • Text Mining
  • Programming in Python
  • Machine Learning in Python
  • Hadoop for Data Science
  • Spark for Data Science
  • Deploying Models on Azure


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About Us

Analytics Path is an educational, training and career development organization delivering top-rated Data Science Training In Hyderabad. We grew from the combined expertise and commitment of a group of data science and big data professionals. Delivering a wealth of experience in all things data, we provide rigorous technical and strategic training for highly motivated individuals and corporations. We offer a variety of services including regular, weekend courses, corporate training, consulting and career services. We are committed to improving the data science community.

We offer training to the students within well flexible course timings & enhanced digital learning environment where students can hone their analytics skills to the core. Students will get to analyze live data as we will be presenting them with 6 capstone projects to harness their real-world practical skills. No wonder why this is considered as the best Data Scientist Training In Hyderabad by students & experts alike.

Our Data Science Training In Hyderabad will take you a step closer towards fulfilling your dream of becoming a Data Scientist.

Our Vision

To exponentially increase the analytics community in the regions we operate in

Our Mission

Create a platform for students to acquire highly on-demand analytics related skills from top quality instructors

Our Team

We are a team of experienced data scientists & practitioners from top companies & institutes

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