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Key Highlights of Our Training Program:

 6 experts faculty team from IIT & IIM alumina

 100% guaranteed placement assistance

 Curriculum with wide coverage & assignments

 Get recognized by top hiring companies

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 Flexible weekday and weekend class timings

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Date : 6th February 2023 Time : 7:00 am to 9:00 amMode : Online
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Learning Path to Deep Learning

Course Curriculum

Python for AI ML

Python for AI & MLBusiness StatisticsData Visualization (EDA)

Supervised Learning

Regression & ClassificationTraining, Validation & TestingMeasures of Model Performance
Supervised Learning
Linear RegressionLogistic RegressionK-NN ClassificationNaïve Bayes ClassifiersSVM
Unsupervised Learning
K-Means ClusteringHierarchical ClusteringCluster ProfilingDimensionality Reduction – PCA
Ensemble Technique
Decision TreesBaggingRandom Forest
Model selection & Tuning
Feature EngineeringModel Development & ImprovementModel Validation & DiagnosticsGrid SearchCross Validation
Recommender Systems
Content based Recommender SystemsCollaborative Filtering (User & Item based)
Time Series Forecasting
Content based Recommender Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Text MiningCNN (Computer Vision) RNN/LSTM

Deep Learning

TensorFlow KerasANNRNNBig Data Analytics
Languages & Tools Covered:


Our students come from wide spectrum of backgrounds ranging from undergraduates from engineering colleges to experienced software professionals at Google/Microsoft/Amazon.

This course follows a meticulously planned course coverage which also includes basic concepts of Statistics, R Programming, & Python. Being a complete fresher, this course helped me a lot in becoming a Data Scientist.
---- Hidhayat

The faculty in this Data Science course is highly experienced and has discussed a lot of real-time concepts. The course content here is very much up-to-date covering all the advanced concepts and use cases of AI and ML.
---- Naveen

Advanced topics like AI, ML and Deep Learning have been very well explained with industry case studies. Another point worth mentioning is that by the time of course completion, we were assisted in resume preparation. ---- Srinivas

Our Students have been Hired by

Course Overview

Deep Learning Training In Hyderabad:

Analytics Path offers the Best Deep Learning Training in Hyderabad program by faculty from IIT & IIM alumina. This course program by Analytics Path which is located in the Hi-Tech city, Madhapur, focuses on shaping students into becoming full-fledged Deep Learning industry expert. Most of the Business collect large amounts of data and analyze it to obtain a great competitive advantage. To process a large amount of data for deep learning requires a large amount of computational power. Deep Learning Techniques are used to create predictive applications for fraud detection, click prediction, demand forecasting and other data-intensive analyses as well.

With this advanced Deep Learning Course in Hyderabad program students can master skills in concepts like Neural Networks, Regression models, Unsupervised Learning, Neural Network Model & further advanced concepts as well. This advanced Deep Learning Course in Hyderabad is no doubt the option to master knowledge of Deep Learning.

Why is Deep Learning the Best Career Move?

We deliver the Best Deep Learning Training in Hyderabad program with 225+ Hours Weekday & Weekend Training sessions. Deep Learning Training in Hyderabad will make you Expert in optimizing and convolutional neural networks using real-time projects and assignments. Deep Learning is considered as the study of multi-layered neural networks and spanning a vast range of model architectures. “Deep Learning Will Revolutionize Supply Chain Automation” This course follows a well-structured curriculum that is designed by the industry experts and it includes topics like Neural Networks, Regression models, Unsupervised Learning, Neural Network Model & further advanced concepts as well. If you are keen to excel in a career in TensorFlow, then look no further beyond the advanced Deep Learning with TensorFlow Training in Hyderabad program by Analytics Path.

You can Benefit from this Course if
Why Deep Learning Matters A Lot?

In a word, accuracy. Yes, Deep Learning results are highly accurate & are highly précised to perfection. This helps consumer electronics meet user expectations. This resulted in advanced applications like driverless cars where safety is very crucial.

By leveraging knowledge of this rising technology will surely help you to make the most out of the rising career opportunities in this domain. So, master the knowledge of all the core applications of Deep Learning technology by being a part of our Analytics Path experts driven Deep Learning Training In Hyderabad.

Targeted Audience for Deep Learning Training in Hyderabad:

Deep Learning is not only focused on one particular industry or else skill set. Deep Learning Course in Hyderabad at Analytics Path helps the intended audience to enhance their portfolio.

  • Developers aspiring to be a Data Scientist
  • Analytics Managers who want to lead a team of analysts
  • Business analysts who are willing to gain knowledge in Deep Learning Techniques
  • Information Architects
  • Professionals who are willing to gain captivate and analyze Big Data
  • Analysts wanting to understand Data Science methodologies

Master Deep Learning with TensorFlow:
Deep Learning with TensorFlow helps in discovering of hidden structures within unlabeled and unstructured data which mainly constitutes a large amount of data in the world. Deep Learning Techniques is becoming exponentially vital due to their demonstrated success to tackle complex data learning problems. It is one of the most promising, innovative and influential technologies which is creating numerous career opportunities to get into top-notch companies.

Fast-track your career in the field of analytics with Deep Learning with TensorFlow Training in Hyderabad course by Analytics Path.

“Master the Advanced Skills in Deep Learning Now in Just 5 Months”

What will you learn in Deep Learning Course at Analytics Path?

Upon completion of High Interactive Deep Learning Training in Hyderabad, aspirants can easily acquire in-depth subject knowledge skill set to face real-world challenges.

  • Deep Learning and motivation behind Deep Learning technology
  • Enhances knowledge in Neural Networks
  • Discuss Backpropagation and run programs in Tensorflow
  • Implementation Different Regression models and describe Recursive Neural Tensor Network Theory
  • Implement Recursive Neural Network Model
  • Explain Unsupervised Learning
  • Discuss the applications of Unsupervised Learning
  • Explain Restricted Boltzmann Machine
  • Leverages knowledge in TFlearn and Keras Implementation

Analytics Path- The Best Training Institute for Deep Learning

Analytics Path easily makes the Organizers gain actionable insights from rich and complex data. Our Industry Expertise delivers Comprehensive Deep Learning Course in Hyderabad to the audience to enhance professional career graph. Desired aspirants will widely explore used open source frameworks and latest accelerated deep learning platforms.

Just start your Professional career Journey by joining Analytics Path- The Best Deep Learning Training Institute in Hyderabad


1. Who Are The Intended Audience Deep Learning Training?

This Deep Learning Training In Hyderabad program is mainly intended for analytics career enthusiasts & professionals who are looking for shift into Deep Learning domain. This program is also intended for both job seekers & as well as career enthusiasts.

2. What is the Duration of the Program?

This is a 5 months integrated training program on Deep Learning Course In Hyderabad. As a part of the training, students will get to leverage knowledge of advanced concepts like AI & ML as well.

3. Will there be Any Interview Preparation Session?

Yes, as a part of the training we do provide assistance in both resume preparation & as well as resume scheduling.

4. I'm A Complete Fresher with No Prior Experience in Deep Learning. Can I Join This Course?

Yes, you can join this course. As a part of our Deep Learning Training in Hyderabad program, we will be teaching you the concepts right from the very basics to advanced level topics. So you wouldn’t be finding any difficulty in understanding the concepts of this course.

5. How to Build A Successful Career in Deep Learning?

You can successfully launch your career in Deep Learning by successfully completing our Analytics Path advanced Deep Learning Training in Hyderabad program. This course prepares you for the high Deep Learning Intelligence job roles.

6. What Is the Format of Analytics Path Training Program?

Yes, as a part of this Data Science course, we will be covering the advanced topics related to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning & Deep Learning & TensorFlow technologies.

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