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AI Training In Hyderabad

Analytics Path offers the best real-time & industry-relevant AI Training In Hyderabad program under the detailed supervision of elite domain experts. As a part of this AI training, students will get the opportunity to learn the topics from the hands of expert trainers who have done their specialization from the reputed IITs & IIMs. The advanced curriculum in this AI Training In Hyderabad program is specially designed by the industry experts to stay relevant with the present AI industry standards. Advanced topics involving Machine Learning, Deep Learning & TensorFlow technologies are also covered in this Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad program.

In this AI training program, students will be trained to get equipped with skills in the latest trends in AI like Artificial Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Convoluted and Recurrent Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Tensor Flow and even Keras. This AI Course In Hyderabad program will also be covering advanced concepts like Chatbot, Image Recognition & Image Segmentation will also be covered in this Artificial Intelligence training program.

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AI Training In Hyderabad Program Overview

Analytics Path is a pioneer leader in the analytics training industry. We deliver the Best Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad program with 225+ Hours Weekday & Weekend Training sessions. Our advanced AI training program is headed by the elite industry experts who have set their complete focus towards transforming our students into becoming industry-ready Artificial Intelligence professionals. Our AI training program works towards building a strong conceptual knowledge based foundation in Artificial Intelligence technology along with the advanced concepts in Machine Learning & Deep Learning technologies as well. Post AI Training In Hyderabad course completion, students would have developed all the essential skills to face the real-world Artificial Intelligence industry challenges.

As a part of this AI training program, students will be working on 10+ real-time projects & live case studies. This hands-on training approach will present the students the much needed real-time exposure which would help them in handling the real-world AI industry challenges with ease. Work towards becoming early leaders in the new age revolutionary technology of AI by being a part this advanced AI Course In Hyderabad program by Analytics Path.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a rapidly evolving technology in the field of computer science that deals with the process of making machines or computers to perform various logical tasks which normally require the use of human intelligence for execution. AI sets its focus towards delivering machines with self-learning abilities. This involves delivering machines/computer systems a complete set of human performed skills like visual perception, speech & face recognition, decision making & more advanced skills. This makes machines or systems capable to accomplish their tasks without much of human interference. Build real-world insights to AI though experts training by being a part of our Analytics Path training institutes advanced Artificial Intelligence Course In Hyderabad program.

The two major goals of Artificial Intelligence are

To Create Expert Systems: To build machines or software which exhibits highly specialized capabilities like analyzing things, making accurate decisions, exhibiting intelligent behavior & more.

Imparting Human Intelligence Into Machines: To design machines, systems, and software that have the advanced capabilities of understanding, learning, & thinking just like the way we humans do.

Getting enrolled for our AI Training In Hyderabad program will enable to build expertise in the most prominent aspects involved in Artificial Intelligence like TensorFlow, Artificial Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Machine Learning models, & further more advanced concepts. Gain clear real-world insights to the functioning of Artificial Intelligence technology & the areas where it is applied & get transformed into a job-ready AI professional by being a part of our institutes advanced AI Course In Hyderabad program.

AI Training In Hyderabad

Program Highlights

  • 5 Months Classroom Training
  • 7 Faculties from IIM and IIT
  • Free Workshop Session
  • 225+ Hours Classroom Training
  • Both Weekday & Weekend Classes As Per Your Convinence
  • Hands-On Training On Live Data Science Projects and Certification

Be Artificial Intelligence Future Ready With Our AI Training

Within the years to come, AI is expected to evolve further. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) & Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) are the further advanced versions of AI which experts are working towards achieving in the near future. Having a clear knowledge of the types in AI will surely help you prepare for this future technology. Prepare yourself for the upcoming AI revolution by being a part of this advanced experts driven real-time Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad program.

What Makes Our AI Training In Hyderabad Program Unique?

AI Course In Hyderabad program at our institute is specially designed by experts to compliment the present AI industry requirements. Out expert trainers will be working with utmost dedication to train the students in AI to perfection & help them to land in their dream job in the top organizations. With the help of our dedicated and intensive AI training program, students will get to develop skills in AI topics like Neural Networks, Machine Learning Algorithms, Machine Learning Models, Predictive Modeling, CNNS, Image Recognition, & further advanced topics.

The curriculum in this Artificial Intelligence Course In Hyderabad program is designed by integrating both theoretical & practical sessions & we do cover multiple case studies. This hands-on training approach will help the students to better understand the concepts & will get a clear idea about the areas where they can be applied. Post AI training course completion, we will be extending our 100% support to our students to help them get placed. Throughout course tenure, we will be conducting multiple mock interview sessions to evaluate students’ performance & deliver the essential guidance. So, joining our integrated Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad program with Machine Learning & Deep Learning technologies will be the perfect option that could help you in shaping your AI career dream into a reality.

AI Training In Hyderabad Programs Objectives

Our AI Training In Hyderabad program has an engaging curriculum that covers topics right from the foundation level to the latest advancements in this field. We bring frequent updates in our curriculum so that students will stay relevant with latest trends & advancements in Artificial Intelligence. Whichever concepts students will be learning in the classroom, they will get to apply them in real-time on live projects. This is why most of the students who certified from our AI Course In Hyderabad program will find it easy to get placed owing to their off the chart industry-ready skills. Transforming our students into becoming job-ready experts in AI is what we strive to achieve.

The major set objectives of our AI training program are

In this AI Course In Hyderabad program, students will acquire all those essential skills that are relevant to the industry & which would get them hired instantly.

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What Topics Will You Learn In This AI Training In Hyderabad Program?

Students who will be a part of our advanced AI training program will get to leverage skills in all the advanced topics involving Artificial Intelligence. Basics of Python programming & statistics will also be covered as a part of our AI Training In Hyderabad program. Some of the advanced topics that will be covered in this program are

Pre-Requisites For AI Course

There are no major set of pre-requisites required to join this Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad program. Having the interest to build skills AI alone will be enough but however, having knowledge in any of the following concepts prior to joining this AI training program will help you in better understanding of the concepts that are explained in the course.

If you are new to any of these aspects then there’s nothing to worry about. We have got you covered. As a part of our AI Course in Hyderabad, you will be trained in the concepts right from the scratch to advanced concepts. Make the most out of the rise career opportunities in the leading technology of Artificial Intelligence by simply being a part of our Analytics Path AI training.

Learn AI from our "Analytics Path & step onto the right path to success in your professional career.

Career Options With AI Training:

Successful completion of AI Training In Hyderabad certification program from our "Analytics Path" will help make you capable to take up any of the high paying AI job roles. will help the aspirants become perfect skilled professionals who are well capable of performing different AI related job roles which include

Learn AI from our "Analytics Path" AI Training in Hyderabad program to experience a sky rocketing career graph with distinct skills & in-depth knowledge of AI.

The advanced Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad program here will help towards mastering knowledge of all the cognitive skills that would help you in getting successfully hired. This is the perfect time to step-into the job market of Artificial Intelligence.

Our Artificial Intelligence Training Vision:

Through our highly advanced training in Artificial Intelligence Course In Hyderabad, we are all set to meet the ongoing colossal demand across the global industry level for the skilled Artificial Intelligence professionals. Our AI training certified professionals are well capable of handling any major challenge that arise in the AI industry. This intense hands-on application driven AI Training In Hyderabad program will help make the students transform into the most dominant & industry ready professionals in AI.

Projects Covered In This AI Training:

Participants who enroll for our AI Training In Hyderabad program will get their hands-on 3 capstone projects & as well as 10+ projects on AI/ML. This AI course will help the students to gain real-world expertise in handling the AI tools & algorithms.

Through our highly advanced AI training program, we are set to deliver a perfect mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge among the students in relation to all the advanced concepts AI industrial & business applications. This intense hands-on AI training will mould the students into becoming full-pledged experts in Artificial Intelligence.

Intended Audience For Artificial Intelligence Training:

Our Analytics Path industry-relevant training in AI Course In Hyderabad will surely be the ideal choice for all analytics career enthusiasts. This AI course is will also be the best fit for both fresher and as well as for the working professionals who are planning towards career shift from their existing technology to Artificial Intelligence. As a part of our AI training program, we will make the participants to learn the concepts right from the very basics. This makes our AI Training In Hyderabad program the perfect choice for both technical & non-technical background students & working professionals.

The major set of intended audience who can benefit from our training program of AI Course In Hyderabad are

Join our Analytics Path AI Training In Hyderabad program today & get on to the right career path that can lead you to achieve success in career.

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Our Placement Approach:

Being one among the best success rated institutes offering Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad, Analytics Path has successfully made tie-ups with many reputed companies and leading start-ups. Upon successful completion of our AI training certification program we will be recommending the profiles our students to these companies for interviews.

As a part of AI Course In Hyderabad interview preparation process, students will be attending multiple mock interview sessions. Our expert team of trainers & mentors will be closely monitoring the performance of each and every student & delivers them valuable suggestions to help them boost their performance. Also, we assist our students in resume preparation and interview scheduling. With this coordinated effort we work towards getting our students successfully placed.

Build Success In Your Artificial Intelligence Career Profession By Simply Enrolling In Our Institutes Career Program Of Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad.

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