Artificial Intelligence Training in Hyderabad

  • 50,000 Jobs on AI in 2019

  • AI specialists can draw salaries in the range of whopping $300,000 to $500,000.

  • By the end of 2020, 57% of the business buyers will be depending on AI experts for a much better customer engagement.

  • If believed to the estimates view, by the end of 2020 over 2.3 million job opportunities are going to be created in the innovative profession of AI.

  • The AI global market share is expected to grow to a whopping $5.05 billion dollar industry by 2020.


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Program Highlights

  • 6 Months Classroom Training

  • 6 Faculties from IIM and IIT

  • Free Workshop Session

  • 225+ Hours Classroom Training

  • Both Weekday & Weekend Classes As Per Your Convinence

  • Hands-On Training On Live Artificial Intelligence Projects and Certification

Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad is a highly advanced career program which our "Analytics Path" has started with the main intention of helping the aspirants secure of a successful career in this dynamic profession. Availing our institutes AI training certification will surely launch your career into success by helping you become a skilled AI professional expert who’s the best fit for all the AI business and industrial requirements.

Our expert trainers who are from IIT & IIM are very much qualified in moulding the students to transform into complete career ready experts in Artificial Intelligence

We deliver the Best Artificial Intelligence Course Training program with 225+ Hours Weekday & Weekend Training sessions

Plan towards securing a career in this revolutionary by building a strong knowledge based career foundation with our advanced AI Course In Hyderabad.

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What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI can simply be interpreted as a systemic procedure that deals with the process of making machines or computers to perform various logical tasks which normally require the use of human intelligence for accomplishing the tasks. This involves delivering a complete set of advanced human performed skills like visual perception, speech & face recognition, decision making & more into the machines or computers so that they no longer require the presence a human interference to perform their accomplish their tasks.

The two major goals of AI are

  • To Create Expert Systems: To build machines or software which exhibits highly specialized capabilities like analyzing things, making accurate decisions, exhibiting intelligent behavior & more.

  • Imparting Human Intelligence Into Machines: To design machines, systems, and software that have the advanced capabilities of understanding, learning, & thinking just like the way we humans do.

Learn AI from the real-time industry experts by enrolling for the AI Training program by the Analytics Path.

Our "Analytics Path", Artificial Intelligence Training Certification In Hyderabad will surely deliver the best set of knowledge regarding all the in-depth functioning aspects of AI.

Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad

Learning Modules Of Artificial Intelligence Training

The Best Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad is here to leverage your end-on-end AI professional skills. We cover all the in-depth & advanced AI career oriented concepts in our training which mainly include

 Working on the concepts of building an intelligent computer system.

 To leverage skills in understanding the potential areas where AI can be implementations can be made.

 To build knowledge in the concepts of AI debugging.

 Applying the regression, clustering, classification, recommender systems and else deep learning.

 To build knowledge in Statistical and decision-theoretic modeling paradigm.

 Hands on experience in working with AI real-time case studies and industry projects.

 Real-Time Industry-Based Projects

Pre-Requisites For AI Training:

Getting into the profession of Artificial Intelligence doesn’t require any additional degree or added skills. Having the interest alone will be enough but however, having knowledge in any of the following concepts will help for a better understanding of subject knowledge

 Knowledge of mathematical concepts of probability, statistics, algebra, calculus, logic, and algorithms.

 Having an idea of different programming languages and coding.

 Cognitive science theory.

Learn AI from our "Analytics Path & step onto the path of success in your professional career,

Career Options With AI Training:

AI Training In Hyderabad from our "Analytics Path" will help the aspirants become perfect skilled professionals who are well capable of performing different AI related job roles which include

 Game Programmer

 Algorithm specialists

 Robotic Scientist

 Computer Scientist

 Software Engineer

Learn AI from our "Analytics Path" training institute & build a dominant career profession through our evolved AI training.

Our Artificial Intelligence Training Vision:

Through our highly advanced training in Artificial Intelligence Course In Hyderabad, we are all set to meet the ongoing colossal demand across the global industry level for the skilled Artificial Intelligence professionals.

“We Are Here To Deliver A Value To Your AI Career Profile!!..”

Through our highly advanced training program, we are set to deliver a perfect mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge among the students in relation to all the advanced concepts AI industrial & business applications

Build Success In Your Artificial Intelligence Career Profession By Simply Enrolling In Our Institutes Career Program Of Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad.

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With this highly advanced AI training program, we are intended to produce highly skillful Artificial Intelligence professionals who are well capable of meeting with all the high-end industry demands in this field. We help the students gain a complete set of knowledge in understanding AI cutting-edge algorithms and applications.
Yes, upon on successful competition of the course the aspirants will be awarded our Analytics Path training certification which will surely be a great ordeal in adding a value to your career profile.
We deliver complete instructor lead industry oriented training to our students & help them attain the best subject knowledge. Our training experts are complete real-time professionals who are completely dedicated to imparting the best career-oriented skills sets in relation to AI. We deliver the best learning experience.
Our free demo sessions that are held under the supervision of industry professionals will surely help you to attain the best idea in-relation to complete carer oriented aspects of AI career profession. You can schedule a free demo session by simply enrolling with us.
Those who avail our institutes AI training will get a chance to work on real-time industry projects & as well as well as leverage hands-on experience in AI industry & business related case studies.

Our Testimonials

The best place to avail complete job oriented AI training. The faculty here is well experienced and helped me a lot in coping well with all the advanced AI application concepts.

Excellent faculty who is very keen on imparting complete industry skill sets to his students. The great learning atmosphere to grasp complete job oriented knowledge.

It was a good experience to get trained in AI from the Analytics Path training institute. The faculty here helped me a lot in securing a career this highly advanced career profession

Really thankful for the faculty as he was always there to help me out in resolving the subject doubts & for helping me to get placed in a top organization with his complete advanced career-oriented training.
Reddy S