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Program Highlights

This Data Science Training in Hyderabad is a ‘5 Months’ integrated & intense analytics learning program. As a part of our integrated Data Science training curriculum students will also get to master knowledge of other analytics technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & TensorFlow in addition to Data Science.

Our trainers are specially hand-picked from the analytics industry who are having many years worth industry experience & are all mostly from IIT & IIM background.

1.8 Million job opportunities in Data Science around the world. Be an early leader in this in-trend platform by availing our Analytics Path integrated analytics training program of Data Science Course In Hyderabad.

Data science training in Hyderabad

Hands-on classroom sessions

Minimize the time you spend learning out of the class. In-person instructor led Data Science Training In Hyderabad classroom sessions help us achieve that

Data science course in Hyderabad

Real-world skills + project portfolio

Create a portfolio of 10 projects across industries of your choice to showcase your skills and knowledge

Data Scientist course in Hyderabad

Top faculty

Our faculty is a mix of decision makers, middle managers & top data scientists working in the field of data science for at least the past 10 years

Big Data Analytics Training in Hyderabad

Learn data science in just 225+ Hours
(Weekend | Weekday)

Speed matters. We designed our training program of Data Science Course in Hyderabad in such a way that we get you up to speed as quickly as possible with what is needed for a practicing data scientist

Data Scientist training in Hyderabad

Most comprehensive curriculum

The only data science program that teaches not just R, but also Python, Spark, Hadoop & more

Big Data Analytics Training in Hyderabad

Designed for the industry

Curriculum designed & being constantly updated to cater to industry needs by experienced data science practitioners

Course Curriculum

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Big Data Analytics

The course curriculum in this Data Science Training In Hyderabad Program is specially designed by experts to complement the present industry requirements. Students will get to leverage knowledge of all the core applications of Data Science platform right from the scratch. This course also covers advanced AI concepts like Chatbots, image recognition & much more.

Time Series Forecasting
Recommender Systems
Text Mining
Programming in Python
Machine Learning in Python
Hadoop for Data Science
Spark for Data Science
Deploying Models on Azure


We believe that the best way to learn data science is by actually doing data science. Hence, in our Data Science Training In Hyderabad we are covering 10 projects in class led by the instructor and encourage you to come up with your own projects for a final capstone project In the projects that we cover during our sessions, we will be covering the below industries in various aspects:

Analytics Path in Hyderabad

Along with the list above, we regularly keep updating our project portfolio so that you are ahead of many others in learning the latest in industry.

Please contact us for specifics on what we would be covering during the sessions

Using Tools Like

Analytics Path in Hyderabad

Mentor Team

We take pride in the kind of mentors we assemble for our students. Below is a snapshot of the companies that our current mentor list (a total of 9 experienced data science practitioners) have worked in & the institutes some of them graduated from

Data science training in Hyderabad

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About Us

Analytics Path is an educational, training and career development organization delivering top-rated Data Science Training In Hyderabad. We grew from the combined expertise and commitment of a group of data science and big data professionals. Delivering a wealth of experience in all things data, we provide rigorous technical and strategic training for highly motivated individuals and corporations. We offer a variety of services including regular, weekend courses, corporate training, consulting and career services. We are committed to improving the data science community.

Our Vision

To exponentially increase the analytics community in the regions we operate in

Our Mission

Create a platform for students to acquire highly on-demand analytics related skills from top quality instructors

Our Team

We are a team of experienced data scientists & practitioners from top companies & institutes

Contact Us

Analytics Path

Plot No. 28, 4th Floor, Suraj Trade Center,

Opp. Cyber Towers, Above IndiBlaze Restaurant, Hitech City, Hyderabad - 500081, Telangana.

India Mob:+91 784 282 8899

Email: info@analyticspath.com

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