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Deep Learning With TensorFlow Training In Bangalore:

Make it to the top of your analytics career profession by availing the most advanced Deep Learning With TensorFlow Training In Bangalore directly from the domain experts at our most reputed “Analytics Path” training institute. With the aid of complete hands-on knowledge in working on real-time industry aspects of this field, we help the aspirants grab complete knowledge of advanced concepts such as SoftMax function, Autoencoder Neural Networks, Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) & more.

Make a breakthrough into the most dominant career profession of data & business analytics by availing our “Analytics Path” top rated & complete career-oriented training in Deep Learning With TensorFlow Course In Bangalore.

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Program Highlights

  • 5 Months Classroom Training
  • 7 Faculties from IIM and IIT
  • Free Interactive Session
  • 225+ Hours Classroom Training
  • Both Weekday & Weekend Classes As Per Your Convinence
  • Hands-On Training On Live Data Science Projects and Certification

Learning Modules Of Deep Learning With TensorFlow:

Analytics Path-“Your One Stop Professional Artificial Intelligence Training Institute”

AI Training In Bangalore:

Aspirants whoever gets enrolled in our “Analytics Path” Deep Learning With TensorFlow Training Institute In Bangalore will get to learn all the in-depth modules and develop skills that are demanded by the industry. We train you into becoming the best set of aspiring professionals who are highly capable to handle all the industry & business challenges in this advanced career profession.

The major learning modules that are worked upon in our institutes Deep Learning With TensorFlow Certification Training In Bangalore include

Introduction To Deep Learning:

  • What Is Deep Learning?
  • Deep Learning & Its Benefits Over Machine Learning
  • Real-Life Case Studies
  • Overview of Clustering, Reinforcement Learning, Regression Classification & more

Concepts Of Neural Networks With TensorFlow:

  • What is TensorFlow?
  • TensorFlow code-basics
  • Graph Visualization
  • Training a Perceptron

Mastering The Concepts Of Deep Networks:

  • Why Deep Networks give better accuracy?
  • Use-Case Implementation of SONAR dataset
  • Understand How Deep Network Works?
  • Different variants of Gradient Descent

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN):

  • Introduction to CNN's
  • CNN's Application
  • The architecture of a CNN
  • Convolution and Pooling layers in a CNN

Highlights Of Our Deep Learning With TensorFlow Training:

Aspirants who prefer to attain our institutes’ certification training of Deep Learning With TensorFlow Course In Bangalore will get to work on numerous real-time projects & case studies that enhance their practical skills & knowledge.

The main highlighting features of our institutes’ certification training include

Complete Instructor Lead Training:

Highly Flexible Training Program:

Assignments & Practical Implementations:

Highly Flexible Training Program:


Intended Audience:

Availing our institutes Deep Learning With TensorFlow Training In Bangalore will ensure success in the career of those aspirants who are desired at making a career in this dominant career profession of data-driven analytics.

Also, this course is intended for

Analytics Path- Experience An Incredible Career With An Incredible Training

Experience the best learning experience in dealing with learning Deep Learning concepts with TensorFlow by getting enrolled in our “Analytics Path” highly advanced career program of Deep Learning With TensorFlow Course In Bangalore. With the best exposure towards complete real-time industry oriented training, we help you become a dominant analytic professional.

Hurry up & make the most out of the rising career opportunities in the Deep Learning profession by getting enrolled in our institutes Best Deep Learning With TensorFlow Training In Bangalore.

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