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Deep Learning Corporate Training

Deep Learning is one among the most disruptive technologies in the digital world of data-driven analytics. At present, there is a huge demand for the Deep Learning skilled associates across the present IT & corporate sector. Most of the corporate organizations these days are falling behind in terms of driving maximum organizational results by making use of analytics-based Deep Learning technology. This is mainly due to the organization's skill gap among the employees in response to handling all the advanced applications of this exclusive analytics technology.

The Best Corporate Training Programs...Suiting The Present Industry Scenarios

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Program Highlights

  • 5 Months Classroom Training
  • 7 Faculties from IIM and IIT
  • Free Interactive Session
  • 225+ Hours Classroom Training
  • Both Weekday & Weekend Classes As Per Your Convinence
  • Hands-On Training On Live Data Science Projects and Certification

Deep Learning Corporate Training

To help the IT & Corporate Organizations work on reducing the skill gap of their employees in relation to working on handling Deep Learning Technology our highly renowned “Analytics Path” institute has started delivering top-rated Deep Learning Corporate Training under the guidance of domain experts.

Advanced Learning Modules Of Deep Learning:

Organizations that avail our institutes Deep Learning Corporate Training can get their employees build knowledge of all the end-to-end applications of Deep Learning through our tailor-made course curriculum or they can opt for their customized course context.

The major aspects of our Deep Learning Corporate Training program include

  • Introduction To Deep Learning:
  • What Exactly Is Deep Learning?
    Neural network
    Supervised Learning with Neural Networks
    Prominence Of Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks Basics:
  • Binary Classification
    Logistic Regression
    Gradient Descent
    Logistic Regression Gradient Descent
  • Shallow Neural Networks:
  • Neural Networks Overview
    Neural Network Representation
    Vectorizing Across Multiple Example
    Building Deep Neural Network
    Random Initialization
  • Deep Neural Networks:
  • Key Concepts Of Deep Neural Networks
    Building Deep Neural Network
    Data Transformations

Highlighting Features Of Our Corporate Training:

Our “Analytics Path” top-rated training program of Deep Learning Corporate Training deals with all the advanced training methodologies & tailor-made set of course curriculum that helps your organization's team to work on yielding maximum results in working with this disruptive technology.

The main training highlights of our institutes’ corporate training program include

Evolved Training

Expertise Training Professionals:

  • 10+ Years Of Real-Time Experience
  • Skillful In Handling Complex Industry Challenges
  • Delivers Complete Guidance In Working On Projects
  • Delivers The Best Informative Training
Diverse Training Programs

Diverse Training Programs:

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Virtual Instructor Training (VITL)
  • Onsite Training
  • Blended Training
  • Webinars and Seminars
Designed For Industry

Industry Oriented Training Approach:

  • Customized Curriculum
  • Real-Time Learning
  • Relevant Projects
  • Real-Time Case Studies
Rigorous Hands

Real-World Skills & Project Portfolio:

  • Deliver Skills To Face Complex Industry Challenges
  • Experts Assistance In Projects Completion
  • Delivering Knowledge Of Resolving Debugging Issues
  • The Best Learning Experience
Analytics Path-A Leading Team Of Industry Experts Delivering Advanced Training In The Disruptive Analytics Technologies

Start working on diminishing the organizations working skill gap in relation to the analytics-based innovative technology of Deep Learning through our “Analytics Path” top-rated corporate training institute delivering highly evolved Deep Learning Corporate Training.

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