Machine Learning Training In Pune

And with the intervention of Artificial Intelligence, machines have now become much smarter replacing most of the monotonous jobs that are so far performed by the humans. But at the same time, a set of new, creative & highly challenging jobs have been created across the globe which presents very high pay packages.

Machine Learning Training In Pune which is being offered by our “Analytics Path” training institute will help you in gaining knowledge acquisition of all the in-depth career oriented applications of this field.

Rise To The Top Of Your Career Ladder In Machine Learning Profession With The Aid Of Our “Analytics Path”.

Learning Modules Of Machine Learning Training:

Enrolling in the “Analytics Path” top-rated training program of Machine Learning Course In Pune will surely help the aspirants in gaining complete hands-on knowledge in working with all the real-time industry applications of Machine Learning. Our complete evolved training will mould you to become a top skilled Machine Learning professional having all those skills that help them in handling all sorts of industry challenges of this field.

The major learning modules that are included in our institutes Machine Learning Certification Training In Pune from our “Analytics Path” training institute include


  • Linear Regression With One Variable
  • Linear Regression With Multiple Variables
  • Logistic Regression
  • Neural Networks: Representation
  • Neural Networks: Learning
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Supervised & Unsupervised Learning
  • Recommender Systems

Linear Regression with One Variable:

  • Model Representation
  • Gradient Descent
  • Cost Function
  • Gradient Descent For Linear Regression

Linear Regression With Multiple Variables

  • Gradient Descent for Multiple Variables
  • Features and Polynomial Regression
  • Normal Equation Noninvertibility

Unsupervised Learning

  • K-Means Algorithm
  • Optimization Objective
  • Random Initialization

Logistic Regression

  • Decision Boundary
  • Simplified Cost Function and Gradient Descent
  • Advanced Optimization


Highlights Of Analytics Path Training:

“Analytics Path” is one among the most dominant providers of complete knowledge-based training in various in-demand courses. Availing the training certification from our institute will surely help the aspirants in reaching onto the top of their career by simply delivering a value to their profile.

And so getting enrolled for our institute's highly advanced & top-rated program of Machine Learning Training In Pune will surely help you grasp the best set of knowledge & helps in taking you onto the top of your Machine Learning professional career.

Major highlights of our institutes Machine Learning Course In Pune Include

  • Complete Real-Time Training Faculty
  • Rigorous Hands-On Training Program
  • Highly Valued Certification
  • Real-Time Projects & Live Case Studies
  • Assistance In Interview Scheduling & Resume Preparation

Intended Audience:

As a matter of fact, Machine Learning Training In Pune can be opted by all the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence career desired aspirants. This course will be the best fit for

  • Developers
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Big Data Experts
  • Information Architects
  • Software Professionals
  • Degree Holders & Job Seekers

Analytics Path-The Power House Of Knowledge Delivering Career Oriented Training

Get trained from the real-time domain experts & be at the top of your Machine Learning career profession by availing our “Analytics Path” top rated training program of Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad.

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