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Data Scientist Training In Hyderabad | Data Scientist Course In Hyderabad

Data Scientist Training In Hyderabad

In the present days the digitalized world, the demand for the data-driven analytics has gathered a huge prominence across different sectors like Banking, Healthcare, Finance, Telecom, Ecommerce, Retail, IT & Corporate world.

By exploring the knowledgeable insights that are encrypted inside the data with the help of Data Science, it has become quite easy for the organizations to make accurate data-driven decisions rather than intuition based. This has greatly increased the demand for qualified Data Scientists.

It’s high time to secure a career in the domain of Data Science. Experience the world of opportunities in this innovative analytics platform by becoming an expert Data Scientist professional with Analytics Path career program of Data Scientist Training in Hyderabad.

“Transform Into Industry Ready Data Scientist”

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“Analytics Path” Data Scientist Training In Hyderabad has been designed by the domain experts with the mission to meet in terms with the on-rising industry demand for the Data Scientist analytics professionals. And over the years, in response to our advanced training amendments & strategic based training approach, we have now emerged as the best trusted institute for Data Scientist training.

“Analytics Path Is The One Stop Professional Data Scientist Training Institute”

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Scope Of Career Opportunities For A Data Scientist:

Data Scientist experts are one among the highest paid professionals in the IT & corporate sector. In fact, the ‘Data Scientist’ job role is being termed as the sexiest job of the 21st century. A look at the amazing career statistics in the Data Science profession

  • Average pay scale of a Data Scientist is around $117,000

  • By the end of 2020, demand for analytics professionals is expected to cross 7,00,000

  • Whooping 59% is the overall expected rise in the requirement for Data Scientists across Finance & IT sectors alone

  • Data Scientist job vacancies are expected to stay open for about 45 days on an average which is much longer than the market average

Well, it’s quite clear that at present the Data Scientist career opportunities are on the boom.

“It’s High Time To Start Your Career As A Data Scientist”

The certification delivered by “Analytics Path” upon successful completion of our training program of Data Scientist Course In Hyderabad will be acting as the gateway for the rising career opportunities in this disruptive analytics domain.

Key Benefits Of Our Data Scientist Training:

Data Scientist Training In Hyderabad has been specially designed by the analytics domain experts with the main intention of helping the analytics career desired aspirants to get to the top of their professional career ladder.

The key benefits of our distinct training approach are

  Instructor-led training only with 200+ hours training content

 Hands-On Practice Session guaranteed for every technique that is delivered to build project portfolio

 Can acquire knowledge of roles & responsibilities of a Data Scientist

 Can grasp the knowledge of Business Analytics & Forecasting.

 Master the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques

  Capable enough to take challenges on advance application in Image Recognition, Text Analytics, Sentiment Analysis and Natural Language Processing

 Extensive training on advanced and popular tools like R / Python for Data Science / Big Data Analytics Spark ML / AI frameworks: Tensorflow & Keras

 Can avail exposure towards real-world projects & 12+ industry case studies

Learning Modules Of Data Scientist Training Program:

The learning modules in our career program of Data Scientist Course In Hyderabad have especially been designed by experts to meet with the present industry requirements.

Data Scientist course learning modules include

Overview Of Data Science

  • Business Statistics – Descriptive & Inferential Statistics
  • Exploratory Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Data Pre-Processing

Predictive Modeling Modules:

  • Machine Learning
    • Supervised
      • Linear Regression
      • Logistic Regression
      • Decision Trees / Random Forest / Bagging / Boosting
      • Cross Validation
      • Time Series Forecasting
    • Unsupervised
      • Clustering (Segmentation)
      • Principal Component Analysis / Factor Analysis
      • Association Rules
      • Recommender Systems
      • Support Vector Machines
      • Text Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Text Mining
      • Sentiment Analysis
      • Topic Modeling
      • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Deep Learning
      • Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
      • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
      • Recurrent / Long Short Term Memory Networks (RNN/LSTM)

Pre-Requisites For The Data Scientist Training:

 Knowledge of Statistics, basic Algebra & Probability concepts (covered in our course as Foundation)

Intended Audience For Data Scientist Course:

The major set of intended audience our Data Scientist Course In Hyderabad are

 Data Savvy Aspirants

 Business Analytics

 Database Administrators

 Big Data Experts

 Networking Professionals

 Degree Holders

 End Users

Analytics Path-The Best Trusted Institute By Experts To Avail Data Scientist Certification Training

Being one among the top-rated institutes delivering certification in Data Science training, availing our advanced analytics training approach will surely help you in getting to the top of our analytics career ladder. Our certification which is delivered upon successful completion of the course will surely be adding a value to your career profile

“Analytics Path-The Right Place For The Best Analytics Career Outcomes”

Become a dominant Data Scientist industry professional by successfully completing our “Analytics Path” Data Scientist Certification Training In Hyderabad.

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With this highly advanced AI training program, we are intended to produce highly skillful Artificial Intelligence professionals who are well capable of meeting with all the high-end industry demands in this field. We help the students gain a complete set of knowledge in understanding AI cutting-edge algorithms and applications.
Yes, upon on successful competition of the course the aspirants will be awarded our Analytics Path training certification which will surely be a great ordeal in adding a value to your career profile.
We deliver complete instructor lead industry oriented training to our students & help them attain the best subject knowledge. Our training experts are complete real-time professionals who are completely dedicated to imparting the best career-oriented skills sets in relation to AI. We deliver the best learning experience.
Our free demo sessions that are held under the supervision of industry professionals will surely help you to attain the best idea in-relation to complete carer oriented aspects of AI career profession. You can schedule a free demo session by simply enrolling with us.
Those who avail our institutes AI training will get a chance to work on real-time industry projects & as well as well as leverage hands-on experience in AI industry & business related case studies.

Our Testimonials

The best place to avail complete job oriented AI training. The faculty here is well experienced and helped me a lot in coping well with all the advanced AI application concepts.

Excellent faculty who is very keen on imparting complete industry skill sets to his students. The great learning atmosphere to grasp complete job oriented knowledge.

It was a good experience to get trained in AI from the Analytics Path training institute. The faculty here helped me a lot in securing a career this highly advanced career profession

Really thankful for the faculty as he was always there to help me out in resolving the subject doubts & for helping me to get placed in a top organization with his complete advanced career-oriented training.
Reddy S