Big Data Analytics Amazing Career Statistics:

  • 1.5 Million Data Analytics Professionals Will Be Needed Around The Globe By 2018

  • An Estimated 34% Job Growth Between 2014-2020

  • 190,000 Professionals With Deep Analytical Skills Will Be Needed By 2020

  • $122,000 Is The Average Salary Of A Skilled Big Data Analytics Expert

  • 3/7th Of The Highest Paying Jobs Belongs To Data Analytics: Data Scientist, Data Architect, & Analytics Manager.

Make the most out of these amazing career aspects in the profession of Big Data Analytics by enrolling in our “Analytics Path” evolved Big Data Analytics Training in Bangalore.

Big Data Analytics Training In Bangalore:

Big Data Analytics Training In Bangalore which is being offered by our “Analytics Path” training institute is greatly acknowledged by the domain experts for our evolved training methodologies that help the students in grasping the best set of skills and hands-on real-time knowledge. Our highly acclaimed Big Data Analytics training program will be covering all the advanced concepts which mainly include concepts that are related to business analytics, business intelligence, data analysis, mining, visualization, discovery, transformation & the advanced concepts of machine learning & deep learning as well.

Be on the top of your Big Data Analytics career profession by simply enrolling in our “Analytics Path” top rated training program of Big Data Analytics Course In Bangalore.

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Learning Modules Of Big Data Analytics Training:

Aspirants whoever enroll for our “Analytics Path” Big Data Analytics Training Institute In Bangalore will get hold of knowledge in relation to complete inside-out analytic concepts of Big Data Analytics.

The major learning aspects that are covered in our institutes Big Data Analytics training program include

Introduction To Big Data and Hadoop:

  • Introduction to Big data
  • Hadoop and HDFS

R Programming Language:

  • Introduction to Analytics & Analytics Methodology
  • Data Analysis & Preprocessing with R programming

Data Pre & Post Processing For Integration:

  • Map Reduce
  • Map Reduce Advanced
  • Pig
  • Hive
  • Programming in Hive

Analytics & Visualization With R & Tableau:

  • Integrating R and Hadoop
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Big Data Visualization
  • Text Analytics & Social Media Case Study

Machine Learning With Spark:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Regression Algorithms
  • Classifiers: Bayesian and KNN
  • Tree-Based Algorithms
  • SVM and Improving Performance
  • Introduction to Spark
  • Spark Architecture
  • Spark R

Advanced Training Amendments At Analytics Path:

Aspirants whoever gets enrolled for the Big Data Analytics Certification Training In Bangalore from our “Analytics Path” training institute can avail the best set of learning experience with complete hands-on practical based training scenarios. Our excellence in delivering completely evolved training is what that makes us special.

The main highlighting features of our training program are

The Best Real-Time Training Faculty:

Get training by the real-time domain experts who are having 10+ years of industry experience. Faculty assistance can be seen 24*7 round the clock.

Highly Sophisticated Lab Infrastructure:

Get the best set of hands-on practical knowledge through our highly advanced lab infrastructure within the institute premises.

The Catalyst Approach:

Learn the subject with live interactive projects, case studies, workshop sessions & assignments under the guidance of real-time experts

Career Counseling:

Get the best set of career guidance from the domain experts through live interaction sessions. Avail assistance in resume preparation & interview scheduling.

Pre-Requisites For Big Data Analytics Training:

Getting into the career program of Big Data Analytics Training In Bangalore doesn’t demand to have any set of additional skills sets or degrees from the aspirants. All that the aspirants need to be having is a bit of knowledge in the following aspects for a better retention of subject knowledge.

  • Knowledge of Algebra, Statistics & Machine Learning
  • Learn to love Big Data
  • Knowledge of handling database
  • Grip on communication skills

Intended Audience For Big Data Analytics Training:

The major intended audience for our “Analytics Path” advanced training program of Big Data Analytics Course In Bangalore include

  • Data Savvy Aspirants
  • IT & Non-IT Professionals
  • Big Data Experts, BI & Analyst professionals
  • Database Administrators
  • Machine Learning professionals
  • Job Seekers & Degree Holders

Analytics Path-The Top Rated Institute For Big Data Analytics Training

Being one among the top rated training institutes offering Big Data Analytics Training In Bangalore, getting enrolled for the “Analytics Path” Big Data Analytics training will surely help you to reach onto the top of your Big Data Analytics career profession. The real-time domain experts who are working as our Big Data Analytics training faculty will surely help you build the best set of career knowledge & deliver the best career guidance.

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