Artificial Intelligence Training In Bangalore:

  • Machine Learning Engineer - $142,904

  • Data Scientist - $141,807

  • Research Scientist - $137,713

  • R&D Engineer-$137,250

  • Business Intelligence Developer - $136,486

  • Computer Vision Engineer - $136,152

“As Per The Estimates, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Going To Create A Massive 2.3 Million Jobs By 2020”

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Program Highlights

  • 6 Months Classroom Training

  • 6 Faculties from IIM and IIT

  • Free Workshop Session

  • 225+ Hours Classroom Training

  • Both Weekday & Weekend Classes As Per Your Convinence

  • Hands-On Training On Live Artificial Intelligence Projects and Certification

Wish To Break Into A Career In This Dominant Field?

Analytics Path-“Your One Stop Professional Artificial Intelligence Training Institute”

AI Training In Bangalore:

“Analytics Path” is one among the most prestigious training institutes which are best known for delivering the top rated & complete career-oriented AI Training In Bangalore. The constantly evolving technology across the globe has made a lot of advancements & Artificial Intelligence is by far considered to be one among the most revolutionizing event of the 21st century. The respective job opportunities are quite immense across the globe for those professionals who have gained the best set of knowledge & hands-on experience in terms of working on AI technical aspects.

AI Course In Bangalore from the “Analytics Path” training institute will help the aspirants to leverage the best set of career-oriented skills & knowledge in relation to AI & helps them reach onto the top of their career profession.

What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence which is simply referred to as ‘AI’ is one among the rapidly advancing technology which is increasingly prevalent in our day to day lives. AI is a quite fascinating term which has now become a buzz word across many industries like robotics, medical, quantum science, gaming & even journalism to finance.

Following are the types of artificial intelligence implemented

  • Expert Systems

  • Fuzzy Logic

  • Neural Networks

  • Robotics

“Artificial Intelligence Can Simply Be Interpreted As The Stimulation Of Human Intelligence Through Machines By Making Use Of Computer Systems. “

At present, there are a lot of brilliant career enhancing opportunities in the profession of AI that will deliver a fast progressing career growth. And at “Analytics Path”, we help the aspirants gain complete acquaintance in working with real-time applications of AI through our hands-on learning the program of Artificial Intelligence Training In Bangalore.

Advanced Learning Modules Of Our AI Training:

AI Training In Bangalore from our highly in-demand “Analytics Path training institute will be covering all the advanced concepts of AI. This course will enable you to learn knowledge on basics and advanced applications of AI that includes machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics, computer vision, and natural language processing.

The advanced learning aspects that are covered in our institute's training program of AI Course In Bangalore include

  • Deep Learning

  • Robotics

  • Excellent Command In Delivering Pure Subject Knowledge

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Reinforcement Learning

  • Artificial Neural Network

  • Expert Systems

  • Fuzzy Systems

  • Computer Vision

Expert Systems:

  • User Interface

  • Inference Engine

  • Knowledge Base

Neural Networks:

  • Introduction To Machine Learning & Neural Nets

  • Neural Network Architecture

  • Object Recognition With Neural Nets

  • Recurrent Neural Networks

Fuzzy Logic Concepts:

  • Fuzzification Module

  • Knowledge Base

  • Inference Engine

  • Defuzzification Module

Knowledge Of Different Types Of AI Environment:

  • Discrete/Continuous

  • Static/Dynamic

  • Deterministic/Nondeterministic

Evolved AI Training Amendments:

At our “Analytics Path” AI Training Institute In Bangalore, the aspirants can avail the best learning experience where they will be mold into becoming industry ready professionals who are well capable to handle all the industry challenges of this dynamic field.

The major highlighting features of our training program of AI Course In Bangalore Include

Top-Rated Faculty From The Industry:

  • 10+ Years Of Real-Time Industry Experience

  • Complete Guidance In Relation To Career

  • 24*7 Availability For Resolving Doubts

Highly Advanced Classroom Infrastructure:

  • Highly Digitalized & Air Conditioned Classrooms

  • Regular & Weekend Batches

  • Complete Sophisticated Lab Infrastructure

  • Limited Number Of Students Per Each Batch

Most Comprehensive Curriculum:

  • Complete Advanced Course Curriculum

  • Curriculum Prepared By The Domain Experts

  • Designed For The Industry

  • Covers All The In-Depth Modules

Real-World Skills & Project Portfolio:

  • Hands-On Experience In Working On Real-Time Projects

  • Can Work On Real-Time Case Studies

  • Assistance From The Experts In Projects

  • Knowledge Of Resolving Debugging Issues

Pre-Requisites For Artificial Intelligence Training:

As a matter of fact, getting enrolled in our career program of AI Training In Bangalore wouldn’t need any additional skill sets or degrees. Having the intention of making it big in the career profession of Artificial Intelligence alone will be enough to get yourself enrolled in the course.

However, acquiring basic knowledge of the following concepts will be acting as an aid for a better retention of the subject knowledge

Excellent skills in communication & cognitive science theories will also be of great help.

Targeted Audience For AI Training:

Anyone of those aspirants who are having an acute interest in the concepts of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence & such concepts can get themselves enrolled for our Best AI Certification Training In Bangalore.

Embrace The World Of Opportunities With Our Evolved AI Training:

AI Training In Bangalore from our “Analytics Path” training institute will surely be the ideal set of place where the aspirants can build their complete set of advanced skills in this dynamic professional field of AI. Our completely evolved AI training will help the aspirants to embrace the world of wonderful career opportunities in AI profession

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With this highly advanced AI training program, we are intended to produce highly skillful Artificial Intelligence professionals who are well capable of meeting with all the high-end industry demands in this field. We help the students gain a complete set of knowledge in understanding AI cutting-edge algorithms and applications.
Yes, upon on successful competition of the course the aspirants will be awarded our Analytics Path training certification which will surely be a great ordeal in adding a value to your career profile.
We deliver complete instructor lead industry oriented training to our students & help them attain the best subject knowledge. Our training experts are complete real-time professionals who are completely dedicated to imparting the best career-oriented skills sets in relation to AI. We deliver the best learning experience.
Our free demo sessions that are held under the supervision of industry professionals will surely help you to attain the best idea in-relation to complete carer oriented aspects of AI career profession. You can schedule a free demo session by simply enrolling with us.
Those who avail our institutes AI training will get a chance to work on real-time industry projects & as well as well as leverage hands-on experience in AI industry & business related case studies.

Our Testimonials

The best place to avail complete job oriented AI training. The faculty here is well experienced and helped me a lot in coping well with all the advanced AI application concepts.

Excellent faculty who is very keen on imparting complete industry skill sets to his students. The great learning atmosphere to grasp complete job oriented knowledge.

It was a good experience to get trained in AI from the Analytics Path training institute. The faculty here helped me a lot in securing a career this highly advanced career profession

Really thankful for the faculty as he was always there to help me out in resolving the subject doubts & for helping me to get placed in a top organization with his complete advanced career-oriented training.
Reddy S